• The People We Served

    We served His People Church in Windhoek, Namibia + ThembaCare Grabouw in South Africa. These videos encapsulate the main ways in which we served them and tell a story about them. You can get involved in the opportunity to give as well.

    Thembalitsha ThembaCare

    This privately + publicly funded hospital in Grabouw single-handedly cares for in-hospital patients and walks for miles in the community to make house calls. They work tirelessly to fulfill their mission to be a lighthouse in the community, beaconing hope, healing, and a better way of life for people who would otherwise face darkness and even death. For more: http://hope.org.za

    Thembalitsha ThembaCare

    In the short time that we had with them, we left our physical mark on their hospital walls, floors, and garden with our helping hands. We prayed and laid hands from our team to their team. And we sang songs with and to the staff and patients. We injected them with practical and spiritual blessings. We left them encouraged and they left us inspired.

    Bright Hill Pre-School in Namibia

    This pre-school was built by His People Church in Namibia to give the children of the resettlement, Babilon, a place to learn and be well. We were greeted by chants of "teacha, teacha!" and dozens of little hands within seconds of arrival and the rest of the day was just as filled with energy and enthusiasm by these beautiful children.

    Tour of His People's Church Apostolic Center

    Pastor Franz leads His People Church in Windhoek, Namibia. Their reach includes a church on campus, a church service in a mental hospital, church at resettlement Babilon, and now the construction of an Apostolic Center, perhaps his biggest project yet. As he toured us on the grounds, the detail and vastness of his vision was clear. God is up to great things through this man and His People.

  • Videos: Getting Deeper

    There was so much to digest at ThembaCare: these videos allow you to learn even more about their story.

    Detailed Issues

    HIV, TB, the Underlying Issues

    from unemployment to girls as young as 10 years old being sexually active, Thandi gives more insight into the challenges they face in the task of Grabouw's health.

    Detailed Needs

    Budget, Government, Dept of Health​

    Thandi and Randall chat about what their budget, support, and needs look like. Should you decide to help, see how you can and where your support would go.


    The names of the amazing souls supporting me on my trip!

    thank you for your love and support...you give me wings!

    Heather & David Butsch - JamieChoi - JaniceHeukelman - DougLowry - ChristopherPotter - LydiaMann - Adrienne & CharlesBreland - Dan & JessieHornickel - KimberlyYates - ImranBabar - SuellenRoberts - StewartBachman - Leticia&Frank Perez - ElkeFrace-Easton - MariWhite - PattyRacz - JamaalMatthews - AndyWu - MaggieLuo - EktaDharia - JamesJankiewicz - PuichiWong - RussellMarks - CecilSigamoney - NicoleHadley - LeoWright - Betty & BillSwann - Hannah & SergioMendoza - Dominque Robinson - John & ChrisLuppo


    Partner with me on my missions trip!


    I am excited to embark on my third missions trip, this time to Windhoek and Capetown in South Africa for a 10- day mission designed to "change me, change my church, and change the world!" Here is some of what we will be doing from 9/27-10/7 in South Africa!


    • assisting a church plant
    • assisting an orphanage
    • assisting/ light building in a pre-school
    • campus ministry & evangelism
    • assisting a local organization 
    • and more ... there's always more ;)




    Get VIP Partner Treatment

    I am looking for partners to join me on this journey. As my partner, you will get taken on this journey with me: I will give you special updates, insights, and access to this trip. I will bring something back from South Africa for you and I plan to capture footage that you will have the most access to.


    I strive to make this a joint opportunity. I will give my all while there and bring the heart of the mission back with me to NYC. I promise you that your giving will not come up empty - rather fruitful many times over!


    I have reached my goal but you can still give!​

    I have raised $2,280 of my $2,350 goal. You can give the following ways:

    1. Give via Paypal, Venmo, or any other electronic method via: jeanette@jeanetteeng.com.  Email me for mailing address for checks.
    2. to the missions team / trip overall, as our overflow is shared to fill in funding gaps.  Give the team here

    You will receive a tax receipt so that your gift is tax-deductible. Please send me your mailing address (below) so that I can send you a thank you card & gift!


    I am forming a team of ten prayer partners ​

    The prayer team will pray during each of the ten days of our trip. I have a prayer team of 12 prayer warriors - Amen! If you still want to join the team, email me and I'll loop ya in!

  • FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions

    (and other acronyms I enjoy)

    GRACE = God's Riches At Christ's Expense

    PRAY = Praise, Repent, Ask, Yield

    BIBLE = Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth

    Is my giving tax-deductible?

    Yes, as long as you give online or via check, the missions office will be able to issue you a tax receipt so that, indeed, your gift is tax deductible.

    What if I'm not religious?

    This is a fair question, but does not have to stand in the way of your partnership. As Christians, we are doing good work with the heart of Christ. And so, we plan to leave the places that we go better than we found them. We will do this practically: by building, being helping hands, and offering resources. And we will do this spiritually: by offering prayer, encouragement, and the message of the gospel. We will only give to those willing to receive. At the very least, we are improving environments and in the process, may improve hearts and lives. I believe this to be a universal good that any faith, even one of non-faith, can see value in. If you see that value too, then your partnership is welcome.

    What if I just don't have it to give?

    There is no pressure at all - give only if you feel led to. With the three ways to partner, there's a way for anyone to join me on this journey, but ultimately it is your choice. Give only if you're able to do so cheerfully - "Each should give according to what he has decided in his heart, not grudgingly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver" -2 Corinthians 9:7

    What if I want to give but not receive all the updates?

    Of course, you are free to "unsubscribe" at anytime. I'm handling all communications and assuming partners want updates unless otherwise specified. So simply send me a note to inform me otherwise, and there is no judgement, your giving/donation/partnerhip is amazing and will already be appreciated.




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